The Measure of Lie is to lie without Measure – the TPLF Ethos.

The Measure of Lie is to lie without Measure – the TPLF Ethos.

It is said that telling the truth takes a few words while lying requires more effort and many more words. As we shall see below, credit to the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) people, lying can also be created and depicted graphically to convince. We can also say a lie is a choice while truth will be always there. Lies can also be due to delusion or deliberate.  The TPLF people’s lies are by choice and fictitious. We have been drenched with inexhaustible lies and false allegations for months now and have taken it as normal that this is the way how without exception the TPLF people operate. It is no less than a trademark for them.

However, what drove this writer to writing this article this time is the utterly disgraceful CNN report on the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia as reported by Nima Elbagir who exchanged her report with Jay Tapper the CNN news journalist. I do not know whether the Lady is paid to do her reporting work only by CNN or she also does extra for others. Her reporting gives the impression that there is more than what meets the eye.

Nonetheless, I identified two important considerations that struck me.  However, before I deal with each of them let me share the following observation.

We humans are complex creatures and what you see is not always what you get. Often than not, we are disposed to accept things at face value while there is something underneath not clearly decipherable to the ordinary observer. This is because we are used to believe and think that what we hear from and see is ordinary, normal or standard mode of behaving of people.  As far as ordinary lying goes, every one of us one way or other lies. But such ordinary lies although may be considered immoral in some instances, are understood as an element of human fallibility. 

But alas if anything what the current crisis in Tigray has shown us is a different level and category of lying. To secure its survival the Tplf has inoculated the people with contaminated mindware narration of siege mentality. Inevitability this has led to pervasive disposition on a section of the part of people to willingly generate falsified evidence in pursuit of perceived but malicious ulterior motive. Dysrationalia has permeated the Tplf’s modus operandi.

Additionally, but not surprisingly mainstream western media, NGOs, think tanks and the so-called experts have also been championing this scheme of disinformation not to promote the cause of the people of Tigray but in respect of the agenda of their paymasters.  I shall now deal with the two points I raised above.

 The first consideration is the TPLF people’s bankruptcy of disinformation. It is one thing to argue with factual evidence for your cause even if this may not be a genuine cause. But it is absolutely egregious to lie abnormally. Invariably, the TPLF people in playing victims of events that never ever happened and which deep in their hearts know well, have developed a collective disposition to lie. This collective abnormality is really excruciating, sad and consequential to national identity of the Tigrean.  One can only say that may be these people are of different and out of the ordinary breed. Just watch the CNN link below!

 (Please be warned what you are about to see is repulsion.

The means the TPLF people have employed to realise their futile perceived end result is so extraordinary and unimaginable. We would not accept that people can act and behave in this degrading and dehumanizing fashion to achieve something deemed purposeful. There are no words that can describe this ugly, obnoxious, and yet furtive act. Having seen this video one cannot help but conclude that the people who concoct such tosh material seem to be damaged, have twisted minds and suffering from functional stupidity.

To say that this is indecorous behaviour is extremely mild.  On reflection one would say such despicable behaviour can come only from insane and evil minds. What purpose does it serve to falsely allege that the women of Tigray have been mistreated in acts which I cannot venture to repeat here. This is beyond comprehension and can only be described an evil idea coming from Lucifer in human flesh. Can we say even he the Lucifer would envy these minds?


 It really is disheartening and frightening that pathological lying as a legacy of TPLF may become compulsive and pervasive Tigrean identity. God forbids!

Nonetheless, the good news is that the TPLF has dug its own grave and buried itself for perpetuity. For the TPLFit has been ‘Lie- Lie- Lie and then Die- Die- Die marching to the dust bin of history to rest in the archives. I say it has been your choice and RIP. 

This is good for the people of the Horn region not least the people of Tigray. Now the people of Tigray should do deep self-searching appraise why this national crisis has come to pass, make changes, build consensus and look forward to take their proper place in the centre of Ethiopia. Not least they must also evaluate their national core value. Truthfulness matters and fosters one’s standing and reputation. Respect and acceptance can only be earned.  

The second consideration I want to take is the issue I have with the CNN journalist Jay Tapper. As one of the high-profile CNN news program presenters, I have watched and heard him vigorously ask and dig for veracity the truthfulness behind stories. I used to complement him for pushing and at times grilling interviewees and not letting them to get away with something that did not satisfy him. He used to show intellectual thoroughness and would ask penetrating questions and was not satisfied with mere repetition and evasive manipulation.

However, I could not help myself fuming with anger when I watched him on the video clip in the link, accepting what the lady narrated just as if that is what it is!  This is a paradox of mega magnitude. When it came to Trumps tweeted lies, Jay Tapper and others at CNN ask reality check experts to verify. But when he hears such a repugnant and inconceivable story, he shows no disposition to wonder, ponder and ask whether the source is trustworthy. I saw no sign of curiosity or body language on his side over this extremely abnormal alleged rape case. This allegation is not a rape issue. It is miles above. You just cannot remain unshocked and   think about it as a crime or something you listen and feel sympathetic to the alleged victim. The manner how the rape was committed should knock one deep and pause for a moment. Unavoidably one would ask if there were alternative explanations for this strange human behaviour. Mr. Jay Tapper, given his background, neither showed this movement. He said it was sad and thanked the lady as CNN reporter on Africa. But wouldn’t this damage CNN credibility and make it look like a GIGO News Channel?

The problem here for this writer is the inability to comprehend the rationality or irrationality of the act in the alleged case of rape. I cannot take as evidence the foreign objects the doctor is purported to have retrieved from the private parts of the victim. Can we then say because there is lack of evidence, we can take this allegation as a form proof?  What a travesty of investigative journalism. Does the alleged rape case make sense that it was carried to humiliate and punish given that this woman is not even a combatant! Are we not entitled to ask the credibility of this paranormal allegation? What about the video the reporter is unwilling to show, where is it? Has Mr. Jay Tapper seen it? What did he make of it? Is the reporter willing to handle it to the Ethiopian authorities who are investigating all allegation of atrocities and human right abuses in the region of Tigray? I hope she does.

In this connection I have a simple message to Mr. Jay Tapper: If you just happen to somehow come across this piece and read it, I tell you I do not question your epistemic curiosity. But must be honest to say to you that you were very economical with it in this case. Therefore, please show your intellectual humility and revisit the video and give your reflections on it retrospectively that is.

In conclusion I must stress that for those of us who would not be fooled by the spurious cries and the shedding of crocodile tears in name of disingenuous human rights and freedoms. We are aware of the hidden underlying agendas of all the actors in this drama be it the western governments and the collaborating institutions. We say hands-off please! Let the evolving self-charted rapprochement flourish leading to the realisation of peaceful coexistence and prosperity of all the people of the sisterly countries of the Horn region. The people of this strategically important region are more than capable in solving their problems.

Haile Habtegaber, The Netherlands