Why are violent attacks against Eritrean Communities in Western Countries (inc. Israel) happening now?

  1. TPLF failed miserably to annihilate Eritrea for the past 25 years with the help of its western sponsors. Instead, TPLF got decimated militarily, politically, diplomatically…and TPLF’s agents are lashing out against civilian Eritreans in diaspora.
  2.  TPLF wanted to create a greater Tigray state by exploiting Ethiopia’s economy and manipulating world organisations and expanding towards Eritrea by force thereby breaking international law. Finally, the result in 2022 for Tigray was Armageddon. More than a million Tigrayans died, more than 80% of the population are now are aid dependent, TPLF surrendered by agreeing to Disarm & Demobilise its forces, Tigray is suffering deep social crisis etc. TPLF agents in diaspora believe their nihilist adventurism was halted by Eritrea, hence they are violently attacking Eritrean civilians in diaspora.
  3. The violence against Eritreans in diaspora has been supported planned and championed by western agents masquerading as politicians, journalists, academia, pundits for many years. Agents like Martin Plaut, Mirjam Van Reisen are at  the forefront and others behind the scenes have been working day and night to create violent groups to attack Eritrean civilians in diaspora.
  4. These agents and the wider western Media present the violence between pro-democracy refugees and pro-government paramilitary. This is completely and intentionally narrated to support the violence by western media.
  5. Western governments view Eritrea as an African country that does not take orders and as a spoiler to their agenda of exploiting Africa. Therefore, they are not taking appropriate and strong stance against clear violent disorders occurring in their cities. It is very easy for law enforcement agencies to take out the main leaders of the violence and put a stop to the violence.